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Odyssey Information

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EXCITE PBL Odysseys are interdisciplinary problem-based curricula for 4 th – 10 th grade students that focus on real-world environmental health issues. The units are ideal for team teaching or they can be effectively used in an individual classroom.

The full-color two to three week curriculum units include:

These Odysseys motivate and EXCITE students to become actively involved in real world problem solving. Students investigate relevant and engaging issues while developing effective, life-long, reasoning skills.

Odyssey topics include:

– Students learn about the cause and various sources of disease, as they participate in a simulated investigation of an outbreak of student illnesses after a class trip to the zoo.

Food Odyssey
– Students investigate Food Safety as they take on the role of a local Health Department Official charged with the responsibility of finding the source of food contamination at a family restaurant.

 AgOdyssey – Students focus on the impact of factory versus family farms. In doing so, the students will review the economic, social, and environmental impacts of different farming techniques and weigh which method of agriculture is best for their community.

Sick of School? Odyssey – Students take an in-depth look at the indoor environment of their school building. Acting as Environmental Health Inspectors, the students will analyze indoor air quality, odors, drafts, temperature, and more to determine if the conditions could make them sick.

ChemOdyssey – Students explore the question, "Are common chemical cleaners safe?" Investigating the chemicals kept in their own homes and schools, students learn how to interpret labels, recognize hazards, and educate others about the proper use of everyday chemicals.

GermOdyssey – During this authentic investigation, students focus on germs and germ tranmission. Looking at data either from your own school or from the Odyssey, students analyze how attendance rates are impacted by the germs that are spread from person to person. Students also learn how to control germ transmission and educate others on this topic.

…and coming soon…

MosquitOdyssey What impacts do mosquitos have on our community and how can we best control them?
CafeteriaOdyssey What Environmental Health hazards are associated with our school cafeteria?
H2Odyssey – Should we be concerned about the quality of our drinking water?
Butt Out Odyssey – Should smoking in public places be banned?
River Odyssey – How do our actions impact our residential and recreational water?
Marsh Madness Odyssey – What resources or hazards can be found at a local, urban wetland?
– Should a local power plant be built in our back yard?  


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