EDTL 303

Integrated Lesson Plan

As a part of the key assessment for this course, you will prepare a lesson plan that integrates digital technology in your curricular area. Digital technologies include computers (desktop, laptop, and handheld), DV cameras, digital data gathering devices (probes) and other peripherals (microscopes, midi instruments, digital drawing tablets, mp3 players, etc.). Possible formats for the lesson plan can be taken from the following sources:

Technology Integrated Lesson Plan Template (MS Word)
Early Childhood Methods (pdf or MS Word)

Lesson Resources from OhiORC
Model Lessons for Ohio Department of Education
Instructional Modules from the George Lucas Foundation
Lesson Plans associated with United Streaming media

Sample Lessons with Handhelds

Your lesson plan must also include notes addressing the TIP model, and provide adaptations for implementation in a one-computer classroom, an interactive whiteboard, 4-6 computer classroom, classroom response system, computer lab, and a classroom with handheld computers (Palms, mp3 players, cell phones): select 3 of these four. Finally, your plan should contain modifications for students with disabilities and references to any assistive technologies that would be needed or appropriate (at least 3 examples).

Appropriate format for curricular focus (strong match of technology resources used and lesson objectives, standards)


Inclusion of all elements in selected lesson plan format


Adaptations for various types of technology availability 10
Assistive Technology Component/modifications for students with disabilities 10
Elaboration of TIP components 10
Total Points 50

Sample Integrated Lesson Plans:
Lesson 1: Kindergarten, Writing
Lesson 2: High School, Spanish
Lesson 3: Fifth Grade, Science
Lesson 4
:Third Grade, Science
Lesson 5: Fourth-Sixth Grade, Social Studies
Lesson 6: Fifth Grade, Science
Lesson 7: Eighth-Ninth Grade, History, Language Arts
Lesson 8: Sixth Grade, Science

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