Summer Literacy Institute Registration Form

Please follow these steps and information to register for Summer Reading Endorsement Courses:

  • Apply for the Reading Endorsement or Reading Master program through the Graduate College (you must be admitted before you can register for courses)
  • Have your BGSU ID #
  • Complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement on your MyBGSU Student Center “ToDo” box. (can take a day to show up on your record once admitted). You will not be able to register until you complete this step!
  • If you show an Advising hold on your account, email Wendy Vaughn at wwalsto@bgsu.edu with your name, BGSU ID# and the courses you intend to register for. Wendy will then contact you once the hold is released so that you can self-register for Summer courses.
  • If you were admitted to the program on a conditional basis because you did not meet the Reading pre-requisites, then you will need to register for and complete those pre-requisite courses first (EDTL 5200, 5210, 5230 or 6820). Dr. Brodeur would have emailed you with the course(s) you need to take.
  • If you are taking all 5 classes this Summer, self-register for EDTL 6210 & 6260 May 15-June 9 and EDTL 6200 June 12-July 7. This is the order that courses MUST be taken. EDTL 6220 will run June 12-July 7 and EDTL 6280 will run July 10-Aug 4 (see message below)

Keep in mind that you will NOT be able to self-register for EDTL 6220 and EDTL 6280 due to the pre-requisite. Wendy Vaughn must register you after you have self-registered for the first three courses. You will need to complete the information below to request space in this class.

If you have completed EDTL 6210, 6260 and 6200 in a previous semester, then you can self-register for EDTL 6220.

If you have completed EDTL 6210, 6260, 6200 and 6220 in a previous semester, then you can self-register for EDTL 6280.

Ecampus “How to Register” resource:

Request space in EDTL 6220 or 6280

Previous Name (optional)
Zip Code
Contact Phone

Please register me for EDTL 6220:
6/12 - 7/7

Please register me for EDTL 6280:
6/12 - 7/7 (Cannot take at same time as EDTL 6220)
7/10 - 8/4