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Why should you get involved with Project EXCITE?

Because EXCITE offers you an opportunity to Transform your Teaching!

Project EXCITE extends professional development and on-going support to participating teachers and schools that help to engage students, raise student participation, and foster a successful learning environment.

I was amazed at all the new material I received, and I was excited to incorporate this unit in my classroom. My kids loved it!

~ Amy Stough, Gateway Middle School
EXCITE teachers are trained in the education strategies of problem-based learning and Environmental Health (EHS). The EXCITE model guides teachers through the process of designing an in-depth, holistic unit that incorporates multiple disciplines and reflects state and national standards. Through participation in these methods, studies show that students demonstrate in-depth critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as strengthened abilities related to accessing, analyzing, organizing, and communicating information.

In addition, to the benefits to your classroom, teachers receive:

In your classroom, the EXCITE program will utilize real problems and real solutions to create a dynamic, student-centered learning environment. A crucial outcome of our program is that students take the initiative and explore a problem on their own. The result is an effective, hands-on/minds-on learning environment.

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